Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Have I got a long way to run....

After so many months of being idle...I am now back and ready to blog anything and everything!

And now, I have a new hobby! yes! yey yey yey! aside from doing nothing all day long and taking care of my only son 24/7... I am now involved in running! YES! really, running! haha! I just wanted to shed off some fats and also enjoy everything while having this kind of activity. I must say that am a newbie when it comes to running, because the only thing that I do best is to dance... and that's it. For me dancing is my sport. ;) I play volleyball, basketball, badminton and I also swim but I haven't achieved anything with those. and NOW that running is the new IN thing around town, I've decided to why not give it a shot... SOOOO... I registered in a few running events here in the city.

My first running event is with the ACE eco-friendly run. a 5k is a good way to start my running. I finished in 49 minutes. :) pretty cool for a beginner like me. ;)
That's me in the middle, my friend chelle and the Kenyan runner who finished first on the 10k male.

I got a lootbag from ACE hardware, a magazine, sports bottle and lot more tiny things haha! well I had a great time running, except for the end part of it. When we reached the finish line, the place was so crowded, there was only one person to get our tag at the finish line. and he has no spindle hole. ohwell... how would we get our accurate race result with in that kind of way... well anyway enough of that ending part, what matters here is I enjoyed my run and I finished it in 49 minutes :)

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