Saturday, July 23, 2011

My passion for running :)
This is me, on the turn around point of AKTV's 21km race... still smiling and happy :)

it's been a while...

Since my internet connection has been acting up lately, i tend to be lazy in updating my blog, multiply and fb as well... but of course, i will never forget to visit and make some entries :)

Me first:

I've done a number of 21km runs and I hope to increase it gradually. My next race would be Milo Marathon on the 31st of July, and I am aiming to finish it before the cut off time which is 2:30. good luck to me and to all other runners :)

The Husband:

He has been quite nice in providing me everything that I need with regards to running, he is not that supportive before, but I think he saw how happy I am when I go and run... Thank you for realizing that running gives me happy hormones. :)

The kid:

He is now 3 yrs and 7 months old... but still a baby for me. :) was supposed to enroll him in a daycare but decided not to do so, I think it is a bit early for him, we'll teach him how to write a few then maybe we can send him mid year... hoping also for his communication skill to improve. :)