Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hihihi! Today is October 31st, + should be somewhere else haviing some trick or treat or partying the night. But boo! I am here stucked in my parents house, waiting for my pizza to arrive, loungin in the sofa and trying my best to kill the boredom... Well yeah, i am all alone tonight. All of them went out including my son. As i was getting bored of checking fb and reading in takbo forums, i decided to check my not so neglected blog. I am not that active here lately coz my laptop just died and the desktop that we at home in cavite is more often used by my son, so i just have to resort myself in using my mobile phone.... Hehe poor me. Imma gonna post more when time and pc permits hihi! Happy hallooweeeeen!