Tuesday, July 27, 2010

busy me :)

Was so busy the past few weeks that i have no time to check my emails and blog account. Fortunately i can fb using my old nokia phone so i was able to check some updates. :) Well, what happened during my long busy week was this:

First, my bestfriend asked me if I can fill in for a friend in their entourage. Apparently, our h.s. friend backed out for some reasons, she can't make it on the wedding (but she did, she was there) So, there i was, to save the day. We did the necessary adjustments, fitted a gown, picked a style then after a week got my own gown for my bestfriend's wedding. The wedding happened last July 24 at 10:00 in the morning. Wedding in the morning is no joke for me. I had to fix my own hair, do my own makeup and eat very early just to make it on time. The wedding went out fine. It was a nice one. I saw my bf cry because of so much joy bursting out from her heart. :) I am just happy for her :)

After the wedding, we went to another event. It's my nephew's birthday. Good thing that both events happened to be in cavite. or else i will not be able to go to the bday. ofcourse, wedding is much more important :)

July 25. I had 3 events during that day.

First, my 5k run at the Fort. It was a nice run, cool and cloudy skies were very accomodating for my early morning run. I finished in 44 minutes. :) I wish to improve more on my next run. :)

After my run, I went to another event which is in Shaw Blvd. I was chosen to be a godparent to my friend's first born son. :) was so glad to be there too.

Then last, my sister's bday :) celebrated her bday at my parents house :) we had 2 cakes, ice creams and kare kare for dinner YUMMMM :)

haaaay. all of these happened in just 2 days. Now I feel so grumpy and all. haha

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