Thursday, July 8, 2010

And the results for 5k are in! :) yey!

I first searched my name from the 50 - 55 min mark, but my name wasn't there... I thought maybe I finished quite a bit slower than i thought.
Then Bridson said he'd help me look for my name... he's also excited to see the results... hmmmm suppotive ehhh? haha! so there he started at the 45 min mark I think, he searched and searched... and tadahhh! my name appeared! yehey!

race bib number: 547711
age: 26
gender: F
time: 49:15
pace: 9:51
place: 4355/9840

I'm so happy that my official time is 49:15 :) I wish that on my next run I would be able to beat my personal record.

Thank you very much MILO! I know there were too many of us who ran in the 5k and 3k category, but still you were able to post the results 4 days after the race.

If you want to see the rest of the results pls check it here:

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