Thursday, July 8, 2010

Growing up with MILO :)

And so I registered for my 2nd running event this time with MILO.
It is the 34th Milo Marathon and the advocacy of this year's race is to give a child a pair of running shoes :) isn't that sweet?

Again, I registered myself in the 5k run, prepared myself that it's going to be a jampacked marathon unlike any other running event in the country. And as expected, by 5am traffic was really bad when i reached MIA road. Twas like a bumper to bumber ride from the tip of roxas blvd going to KM. 0 where the race will begin.

I got there by almost 6am. there were almost 21,000 runners for the 5k alone! It was a sea of green. I cannot move unless the person infront of me moved a bit.

this is how it looked like... we were too many. but still the fun in the air was too much that we didn't even bother if we bump into each other while going towards that starting line.

I finished the 5k within 55 minutes. a bit slower than my first run, but still happy. :) Being part of the event is really something for me. It is an achievement to finish the race within the cutoff time. I am proud of myself and I am mostly proud of the people who took the 10k, 21k and th 42k. Kudos to you all. :)

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