Saturday, February 25, 2012

Half Moon

There are lots of famous delicacies in Bacolod that you may find in the Metro. But this one in particular is only sold in Bacolod City. The oh, so yummy, Half Moon. It looks like a mamon but the top part has a glaze that tasted like the filling of brazo de mercedes. It's not too sweet, just enough to tickle one's sweet tooth. I loved it, and I will definitely buy boxes of it when I come to visit Bacolod again.

Half Moon is sold in Pendy's per piece or by box of 6 pcs. Pendy's is located along Lacson Street, near ABSCBN Bacolod.
It is sold 40 pesos per piece. or 240 per box of 6.

So when you come and visit Bacolod, do not forget to drop by Pendy's. :)

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