Thursday, August 26, 2010

So many things, So little time...

In just a span of one week a lot of things happened... A lot of things changed.

I left home last friday night with my son, to be with my parents. Had a not so good argument with dearest husband, so I decided to leave him for the mean time and spend my weekend at my parents' place. My decision was great, coz my dad brought with him a cake and lots of food for us to feast on. :) yay! food trip again! :) never mind my husband being alone at home. He's got his parents to comfort him if he gets scared. wehehe! (he is afraid of being alone ;p)

Saturday, I left the house to attend an FGD in mandaluyong then headed to BHS for Immuvit's run against time. I learned a lot of good things there, which I wish to apply to myself soon hehe. :)

Sunday, DLSU vs ADMU. ohwell talo and tambak haha! My brother was ofcourse quietly cheering for his school to win, but dlsu is just too weak this time. I hope they scout good players next year. After the game, we had Pizza :) so nice of my dad to buy food for us. lav yah dad!

Monday, terrible terrible. I logged in to my fb mobile and saw anc news reporting abt a hostage crisis in Manila.... :( i dowanna blog about it. it just breaks my heart. well, we're also back in cavite.

Tuesday, Venus Raj Won 4th runner up Ms. U!yay! pambawi

Wed. bought new ref for nin. yippeee!

Thurs. Grocery day. haha!

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