Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My first 10K ♥

I was mentally prepared for my first 10k, but I think wasn't physically trained particularly for the uphill route. The first 2k was no joke, I was running alone and can't pace up with the other runners, again and again, I felt that pain on the left part of my abdomen.... I was losing it.... then I met this lady in a violet top. She's so friendly and nice, we had a small chat while running, she was telling me that she's so out of it and I replied, me neither. We were laughing while running. At times I kinda feel breathless and she offered me some beans. I tend to pace a little slower as I was nearing the 4k mark. But still, I tried to run and not walk. The marshalls were a big help on giving me a boost. I got motivated upon reaching 5k. Everything felt good as I took my marker. On the 6k, I was again paced by another runner, he's a pinoy but speaks good english. He cheered me up and told me I can do it. I ran ahead of him as he was pacing really slowly. As I went ahead I was wondering if I don't look like a pinay, cause all other runners who tried to pace up with me are talking to me in english. Maybe they thought I'm a korean coz there were alot of korean runners that day. So there, I run alone again, nobody to pace with. The runners ahead of me were too fast. I tried my best to cope up with them, to run even on the hills. I motivated myself. I keep on reminding myself that I can do it and I will not walk. I will finish this race and will never give up. In the end, I was able to run with those runners ahead of me, I finished my first 10k strong. Was so happy for myself. :)
Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to finish this race. ♥

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