Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Tagaytay Place... the BEST place to be ;)

“What do you think sets ONE TAGAYTAY apart from the rest of the hotels in Tagaytay in terms of spending romantic time together with your partner?”

Soon after reading this, the memory of our 2009 Valentine stay at the OTP came into my memory again. Fresh just like it did happen a while ago... I remember that the hotel was still not in full swing during that time, the pool is still not ready for use and so as the gym. But that's not the main reason why we went there. We were there because we wanted to unwind from the busy hussles of the Metro. We stayed there at OTP to relax and spend a little romantic time together with our little dear son. And I sure did enjoy our stay. Me and my husband loved the whole place, my son who's only a year old then also had fun, the manager was very nice to us, He played along with my son who was so giddy running around the lobby area the night during our stay. Our experience was quite simple but everything was so enjoyably nice and worth to remember.

The Hotel is such a romantic place indeed. The people around were friendly and they gave us the best treatment during our stay. I love the lobby area and the romantic valentine treat that they did, The lavish dinner and the hearty buffet breakfast were all so good... For me, One Tagaytay Hotel is not only the best place to stay in Tagaytay. It is also one of the Best in our Country. Even though the Hotel is quite small if we may be comparing it to other 5 star hotels in Manila, the OTP is not only at par in some ways but they also exceed by giving their customers quality customer service and friendly hospitality. In my own experience being a Hotel hopper myself, OTP is one of the best. I've recommended this hotel to all my friends and they all had their own share of good stories. I would surely love to experience another unforgettable stay at the OTP.

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