Thursday, July 15, 2010

to work or not

I got a surprise job offer last night. The position needs to be filled as urgent as possible, and so me and bridson discussed about it overnight if i can go back to work... We even asked MIL to look after bongbong incase I get the job, she said yes, but I have thoughts that she might not be able to attend to my son's needs and may not cope with the hyperness of my super energetic son. I have a lot of things going thru my mind that night. My heart stops whenever I think of leaving my son the wholeday and not knowing if he is okay... oh well. too much thinking.
Come next morning, I received and exchanged a couple of sms from the person offering the job, turned out to be a "false alarm" hehe... for some confidential reasons, I cannot take the job. I don't know how to express it but, I think it felt good, I know it's strange, but maybe it's bec. I don't want to work yet... haaay... this blog entry is sooo emo. ;(

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  1. same dilema abs, to work or not to work :(