Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hats off to White Hat ;)

I've heard too much about fro-yo craze that I gave in to having a try on it. At first, I thought to myself that those frozen yogurt are just goody good food that are way much expensive for just a size of a cup... but after trying it for myself I must say that IT's JUST SOOOO GOOD!

Upon entering the White Hat's branch in ATC, I already felt a different sensation, I knew that I am going to enjoy my order! I chose to make my own froyo and I also asked hubby to make his own, when we told the attendant in the store what we wanted to have we were amazed that we both wanted to have the same 3 toppings! haha well, ofcourse I decided that he stay with his combo, while I make another for myself. ;) I don't want us to have the same froyo to share, I want different toppings to enjoy :)

It was heaven after the first taste, my husband and kid love their froyo so much. Thanks White Hat for this one. It is really a guilt free food!

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